Architect-On-Demand (#DuckNinjas)

The Duck Creek application is an extremely powerful tool where anything is possible and there are dozens of ways to do it. Which means your team can finally say, “Yes!” to almost anything your business users need! Except… how do you know the BEST way? How do you build it for future maintenance and growth? Is there a faster way to do what you’re doing? Surely someone has implemented this before? What you need is a GREAT architect… with a lot of experience. But those resources are rare, hard to find and very expensive. Especially if you don’t have a big project to go with it. Until Now.

You have questions… we have answers.

• “I know there’s got to be a way to do….”
• “How do I enable…”
• “What’s the best way to…”
• “My business users want to do… can I do that in Duck Creek?”

We can help! Ask your questions and your support responses can range from quick answers, implementation examples, video tutorials and more… all specific to your implementation and needs.
Submit your question through your dedicated lead and get a response in as little as 24 hours. Need more detailed assistance? Your service comes with up to 10 hours of dedicated time per month.

How could YOU use 10 hours a month?

• Use it monthly to…

o Get on-demand design advice for complex changes
o Supplemental support for challenging system questions
o Knock out a long enhancement queue
o Have an expert available to help support less experienced staff
o Participate or lead business needs sessions and map it to a solution design

• Use it all at once to…

o Build a solid base to get your project on the right foot
o Re-design your existing implementation for faster maintenance and new product delivery
o Get a big boost on a looming project deadline
o Get immediate help translating business needs to a new Duck Creek implementation
o Get Product Studio scripts designed for faster maintenance
o Upgrade your ISO Commercial Templates

What SRS Resources Have Designed & Built in 10 Hours or Less

• Custom endorsement transactions
• User Administration extensions for agency licenses
• New coverage implementations
• Customized endorsement change summaries
• Rating Worksheets
• Coverage shopping
• Customized Pages
• 360 Degree Party Connections

Why add Architect-On-Demand to YOUR team or project?

Working with SRS is a unique experience. Our resources have over 100 implementations under their belt including Specialty, Commercial and Personal Lines. They have worked with dozens of data service providers and supplemental Duck Creek system partners as well. If it can be done, chances are we’ve done it before. More than just technical experience, SRS knows how to work with a variety of teams, distributed work forces, variable skill sets and unique products and needs. We have seen and implemented thousands of requirements in all sorts of environments and situations and all their variations. Your team will likely save hundreds of hours avoiding trial and error.

What’s Included

All plans include up to 10 hours dedicated time per month. Additionally, all questions regarding Duck Creek capabilities are unlimited.
Your Initial year includes two set-up weeks, one on-site and one remote. Set-up weeks include meeting your team and understanding their current expertise, gaining system access and understanding your existing implementation and business needs.

Three (3) Year Contracts receive a 10% discount.

Call (417) 812-7122 or email us at for more detailed pricing.




Just the help you need.
Exactly when you need it.