Sac River Services (SRS) has highly skilled experienced resources with immediate availability for Duck Creek Policy Administration projects. SRS contracts exclusively with existing DCT customers and partners as an extremely agile, boutique contracting service. The company has broad experience in all P&C lines of business, including personal, commercial and specialty. As a small family-based business with extensive DCT experience that includes two Duck Creek founders, the primary objective of SRS is to generate revenue to stimulate our local rural economy and to support not-for-profit charitable initiatives.

  • Insurance Carriers
    • Product Development – Product development for any line ofbusiness, including rates, rules, screens, transaction processing and forms using the DCT toolsets. Perfect for Insurance carriers who need quick deployment of new products and/or new markets. Willing to work as an independent team or in conjunction with carrier’s current project teams.
    • Product Maintenance – Scope, evaluate and/or implement major updates to products.
    • Product Review – Evaluate current implementations for efficiency and provide recommendations and/or services for improvements.


  • Implementation Partners
    • Pre- or Post-Sale Project and Product Scoping – Match customer needs and requirements to DCT software capabilities either as client facing representatives or internal project planning members.
    • Product Development – Insurance product development using the DCT toolsets, either for customer projects and/or jump start products for demos and future implementation efficiency. Full team for small projects or supplemental resources for large projects.


  • Development Partners
    • Product Development – Design, develop and deliver demo insurance products that highlight the value of third party partners working inside the DCT Policy platform.









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